There’s no such thing as 6x23

In mission critical infrastructures, all components must operate each and every day, without exception or incident. Speed to market, increased efficiency, sustainability and reliability are crucial. Failure is not an option. These implementations demand a highly specialized and experienced construction team. Consistently ranked as a premier builder of mission critical facilities, DPR Construction provides diligent, hands-on management—from site selection and analysis to single point-of-failure identification to construction, startup and commissioning. Our teams ensure that nothing is missed and no time is wasted.

Project Experience

DPR leads the nation in providing the highest level of technical expertise to the hyper-track delivery of mission critical facilities.

  • Data Centers
  • Call Centers
  • Command Centers
  • Colocation Sites
  • Microwave/Radio Tower Facilities
  • Network Operation Centers
  • Optic Transport Facilities
  • Storage and Distribution Centers
  • Switch Facilities
  • Web-Hosting Telecom Sites

Mission Critical Leadership

Mission Critical Projects