First-Hand Experience, Comprehensive Benefits

DPR delivers even greater value through our commitment and ability to self-perform critical trades. By executing fundamental scopes of work, such as foundations, drywall and carpentry, we are able to offer greater control and set the tone and pace for each project.

The DPR Self-Perform Advantage

Self-perform work has the following benefits:

  • Schedule enhancements: Work starts earlier in the field, rather than waiting for biddable documents.
  • Budget improvements: Due to enhanced productivity and contractual arrangements, such as cost of work basis and return savings to owners.
  • Superior quality: Delivered by our own, highly skilled and continuously trained craftspeople.
  • Increased safety: DPR crews working onsite provide a clear picture of our high expectations and set a good example for other subcontractors.


Each DPR region may self-perform some or all of the following trades:

  • Concrete, including foundations, slabs and horizontal/vertical concrete, as well as tilt-up construction
  • Drywall and taping
  • Doors, frames and hardware
  • Rough carpentry
  • Acoustical ceiling work
  • Light demolition and clean up
  • Firestop (passive fire protection systems at penetrations, interior joints, and slab edge conditions) and Insulation
  • Strut for over-head supports as well as ground up MEP utility racks
  • Division 10 Specialties – Office and restroom partition accessories

Self-Perform Work Projects