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UCSF Block 23 Interior Panel Installation
How We Build Self-Perform Work

Your Trusted Builder, Subject Matter Expert, and Trade Partner

DPR’s ability and commitment to self-perform work is integral to who we are and how we build. We are a builder, not a broker. We focus on developing and employing scope-specific self-perform experts and a wide-reaching workforce so we can consistently deliver the same level of service to all our customers wherever they are.

As a self-performing general contractor, DPR consistently delivers:

The Safest possible project

Safety is a culture and a value—DPR’s self-perform crews live it every day. Our tradespeople understand DPR’s high expectations of workplace safety, and as such, DPR’s self-perform workforce has a lower EMR than our specialty contractor peers. For customers, it means more predictability and safer projects they can be proud of.

Schedule enhancements

Our in-house trade experts provide feedback early in the pre-construction stage, minimizing potential delays down the road. With a corps of in-house craft workers, we have more control over labor availability, adding to schedule advantages. Since most of our self-perform scopes are critical path trades, we are able to drive the schedule and eliminate manpower issues a typical General Contractor cannot.

Project cost savings

By engaging our subject matter experts early in the project, we can work with our customers and design teams to influence the design to provide best value for your project. Not only does this normally provide a cost benefit to the project, but it can also prevent re-work that would otherwise be done in the field.

Superior quality

DPR is home to a range of veteran craftspeople who have built careers here, and we continuously develop our employees so they bring industry-leading best practices to every project. We know our name will be behind work put in place and our craftspeople feel that personally. Seasoned builders can tell quality on sight and our crews aim to make masterpieces.

Supplier diversity

Supplementing our local workforce on every job are local trade partners. We strive to purchase from local businesses, especially certified minority, LGBTQ+, veteran and female-owned businesses in those communities. Read more about our supplier diversity.

More creative solutions

Unlike many specialty contractors who use the same processes time and again, DPR takes an inventive approach to more complex projects. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in self-perform work, including developing bespoke solutions for particular projects to enhance quality and schedule.

Workers on a jobsite during a concrete pour.
A team of workers spread concrete on a jobsite.
A worker uses a pull float to smooth concrete on a jobsite.
A worker adjusts rebar on a jobsite.
A worker carriers a long bar across his shoulders on a jobsite.
Workers point and look at something above view on a jobsite.
All DPR Regions Self Perform:
  • Surveying & Building Control
  • Laser Scanning
  • Field Technology
  • Site Concrete
  • Tilt-Wall Concrete
  • Structural Concrete
  • Demolition and cleanup
  • Division 7 scopes (firestopping, specialty coatings, spray insulation, waterproofing, etc.)
  • Division 10 scopes (bathroom specialties, appliances, cubicle partitions, etc.)
  • Doors, frames and hardware
  • Acoustical ceiling work
  • Drywall
  • Light Gauge Framing
  • Cold Formed Metal Framing
  • Rough carpentry
  • Unistrut

Services DPR performs in select regions:

  • Finish carpentry
  • Miscellaneous metals
  • Painting
  • Interior glazing
  • Specialty finishes
A place where craftspeople master their trade

We are focused on hiring, inspiring, developing and growing the best craftspeople in the industry. It’s a win-win: Owners get reliable access to seasoned craftspeople who have spent years at DPR, and younger trade employees have a home to grow their careers. We value hard work and believe in giving all our employees the same opportunities in their career growth.

Plans laid out on the jobsite at the University of California-Davis Webster Hall Replacement.

University of California-Davis Webster Hall Blueprint

At DPR, our tradespeople are an essential, valued part of our team

We are builders at our core and it shows. Several of our craft workforce have developed into very successful superintendents, project managers and executives in our company. Many choose to stay in the field and have helped train the next generation of craft hands.

Workers on a jobsite.

California State Teachers' Retirement System Phase II West Tower. Photo: Chip Allen Photography

SPW Leadership

Chris Bell


Southeast Region SPW Lead

Marc Ness


Southwest Region SPW Lead

Jack Poindexter


Northwest Region SPW Lead

Chris Strock


Northeast Region SPW Lead

Kyle Weisheimer


Central Region SPW Lead