Two workers wearing PPE walk on a jobsite with other workers in the background.
How We Build

Environmental Health & Safety

Dedicated to the pursuit of injury-free building

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is more than a program at DPR—it’s a foundational pillar of how we do business. DPR strives to have an evolving culture that raises the bar for the entire construction industry. Simply put: EHS is a value at DPR.
Ehs Expertise

Our goal is straightforward: zero incidents on every project.

We integrate EHS into every phase of the project life cycle, from pursuit to closeout, and our teams measure and evaluate safety daily. We use a mobile audit system to collect and analyze raw data from each jobsite, which helps teams identify potential risks and develop valuable prevention plans.

A focus on people, not statistics

Behind every safety statistic is a person. That’s why DPR’s approach to EHS centers on people.

We focus on competence, instilling and reinforcing safe behaviors throughout our company and our project teams. We provide the tools people need to make informed decisions, plan fully and identify incident root causes.

The result is a robust, value-based EHS program that looks upstream at leading indicators to produce results downstream.

The fundamentals of Environmental Health & Safety

DPR's EHS culture is based on the following seven fundamentals:

1. Safe Mindset: I am personally responsible and committed to my own well-being and that of others.

2. Engagement: I am actively contributing to an incident free environment.

3. Integration: We strategically align EHS into our entire business and the entire project lifecycle.

4. Competence: We ensure everyone has the knowledge, skills and behaviors to do their jobs safely.

5. Planning: We establish EHS goals, identify & mitigate risk in every phase of the project.


6. Leveraging Data: We capture and apply EHS data to influence and drive change.