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Manufacturing Facilities

Delivering complex projects to address complex needs

When building sophisticated manufacturing facilities, DPR knows how to fit all the pieces together to get a plant up and running—fast. We take time to understand the intricacies of our clients’ businesses, tailoring each project to accommodate the unique mosaic of equipment and processes that must work together from commissioning, qualification and validation to facility startup.
Manufacturing Expertise

Business Drivers & Goals

We don't just erect steel and concrete structures and call it a day. We partner with you to focus on what happens inside each building, diving into the details so owners can realize their business visions for their facilities.

Understanding and prioritizing owners’ needs empowers DPR to shepherd projects from groundbreaking to commissioning with as little time and money invested as possible. And we build with scalability in mind so that you’re prepared to pivot and grow when demand for your product surges.

Photo: Genentech CCP 2 Fermenter Room

Simultaneous Equipment

Procurement and Construction

In the manufacturing industry, equipment procurement and design/construction often happen simultaneously.

Our relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and our virtual design and construction (VDC) expertise allow us to manage these critical aspects of the project smoothly, even when that requires starting construction before all equipment specs are in hand.

Photo: BBRaun WFI Skid Upgrade Project

Understanding The

Importance of CQV

When it comes to commissioning, qualification and validation, our manufacturing teams have one goal in mind: to deliver a facility that is transparent and predictable to the Owner and operators. We know how to make sure all systems are integrated, functioning properly, and tuned for optimal conditions to maximize the performance and minimize the cost of the facility.

Photo: United Therapeutics | Solid Dose Facility

DPR’s ‘one team’ approach lead to a more cohesive project through promoting both teamwork AND accountability. Their transparency in handling issues went a long way towards building team and reflects their integrity. No finger pointing, blame, or passing the buck. Just a focus on correcting the issue and moving forward. DPR’s entire staff was focused on delivering successful project outcomes.

Steve Brannan


Industry Recognition
Manufacturing Milestones

Volume of DPR’s life sciences work over the last five years


DPR projects that have received the ISPE Facility of the Year award



Rank in pharmaceutical facility construction by Engineering News-Record


Life Sciences projects completed


Value of biopharma manufacturing construction projects

(Based on 2018 revenue)

Rank on BD+C’s 2019 list of top Science and Technology Construction Sector Construction Firms

ISPE Facility of the Year Award

Shire Building 8

2018 ISPE Facility of the Year Award, Facility Integration

ISPE Facility of the Year Award

Genentech CCP-2 Return to Service

2007 ISPE Facility of the Year Award

2016 ISPE Facility of the Year Award, Process Innovation Category

2016 ISPE Facility of the Year Award, Overall Winner

ENR Best of the Best Projects

Best Manufacturing Project (2017)

Biogen LSM 3X Capacity Upgrade

Bentley Systems

Winners of Year in Infrastructure Award (2020)

Biogen 2019 RTP DS LSM Upgrade

Overall, DPR's strongest attribute: there are no issues. They are always on top of things. It happens daily...there's never a worry.

Chris Herman

B. Braun Medical

Project Types

Our Experience

  • Energy Storage, Solar Cell, Lithium Battery

    Whether your facility is producing, storing or distributing clean renewable energy, or manufacturing and assembling products to support these types of facilities, you need a team that not only understands how the products work, but also how the equipment functions together in order to reduce negative environmental impacts.

  • Appliance, Automobile, Electric Vehicle, Semiconductor, Transportation

    The intricacies of manufacturing and assembly facilities are as vast as the data carried by the product’s hardware. We have developed a deep knowledge base and methodologies to ensure that we maximize upfront constructability and eliminate all potential lag times.

    Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. Manufacturing Facility

  • Biologic, Drug, Cosmetic, Food and Vitamin, Medical Device

    There’s a reason why the nation’s top biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies work with DPR. We understand that technical competency and speed of project delivery are key elements in the successful construction of a cGMP manufacturing facility. We are committed to be the best at what we do.

    National Institutes of Health NCI Building T30 Cell Processing Modular Facility

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Manufacturing Leadership
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Life Sciences Core Market Co-Leader

Supporting life sciences customers in their work to help change people’s lives for the better is Dennis Kirkpatrick’s primary focus as Co-Leader for DPR’s Life Sciences Core Market. With experience in delivering best-in-class outcomes for biotechnology…

who we are

Life Sciences Core Market Co-Leader

Mike Marston’s construction career began when he was offered his first internship following a summer spent roofing houses. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Civil Engineering & Engineering and Public Policy, Mike joined DPR in…

who we are

Advanced Technology Core Market Leader

Some people go through life never realizing their passion—John Arcello is not one of those people. He found his love of construction in high school working as a carpenter. Evolving from a rough carpenter to Advanced Technology Core Market co-leader, John…

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