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Mike Marston’s construction career began when he was offered his first internship following a summer spent roofing houses. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Civil Engineering & Engineering and Public Policy, Mike joined DPR in 1998 and has worked across the company in multiple regions and has been integral to the success of some of our most notable life sciences projects. He has provided expertise and oversight on various cell culture, cell and gene therapy, fill finish, packaging, API, and R&D projects for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and some of the most innovative new and emerging companies.

Along with co-leading DPR’s work in the life sciences market, Mike has been an integral part of DPR's Bay Area operations and his favorite memories are all built around building trust and friendships among his colleagues during projects and DPR events.

Seize the day and make good choices.

Mike Marston


  • Role: Life Sciences Core Market Co-Leader
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Integrity
  • Favorite Thing About Construction: Breaking down complex projects into tangible segments to successfully complete projects.
  • Desired Superpower: See into the future
  • Your Hero: Socrates

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