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Who We Are

Global Social Responsibility

Respect for the Individual.

Change the World.

At DPR, some of the most meaningful things we build aren’t measured in square feet. We don’t just strive to be the best general contractor; our mission is to be the most admired company—period. That means investing in each other, our planet and the communities we call home.

Respect for the individual, change the world—these have been our core beliefs since day one. They are our guiding principles in decision-making, and they push us to do better. DPR has a unique understanding that it all starts with people. And as a builder, DPR has a unique ability to leverage its skills and knowledge in ways that create new opportunities in the places we operate.

At DPR, we believe that we have an ethical responsibility to make our world a better place. Engrained in our culture is a commitment to being socially accountable to ourselves, our partners, our planet, and our communities.

Cari Williams

Social Responsibility Leader

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Our DPR family reflects the diversity of the communities where we live, work, serve and build. We pride ourselves on being a place where all are encouraged to thrive as their most authentic selves.

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Opportunities for diverse businesses help build our industry and our communities. DPR’s commitment to Supplier Diversity extends its diversity, equity, and inclusion commitment to our family of suppliers, trade partners and vendors.

We believe in building spaces that are healthy for both the planet and the people who use them. We pair that with how we build, prioritizing operations with sustainability in mind.

When we focus on giving back with what we do well, it allows nonprofits to truly focus on their missions and what they do best: changing the world for the better.

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Making An


Actions speak louder than words. DPR uses several frameworks to hold ourselves accountable and measure progress toward our commitments to people, partners, planet and community. Learn how we keep score.

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Meet Our Leadership
Cari Williams
who we are

Global Social Responsibility

At DPR, who we build is as important as what we build. Cari Williams joined DPR in 1994 as the San Diego region’s 10th employee and followed an organic career evolution into people practices in 2006. Working in the technical side of construction, a world…

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