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DPR is a home for everyone. Our vision is a workforce that reflects the rich diversity in the communities in which we live, work, serve, and build. A workplace where everyone is encouraged and empowered to be their best authentic selves and thrive.

We also know that our people and projects are most successful when they benefit from the full spectrum of talent and ideas that exist in every community.

Construction Inclusion Week: Leadership Commitment & Accountability

George Pfeffer, management committee member and co-chair of Construction Inclusion Week talks about building belonging: "Inclusion and a feeling of belonging are fundamental. All people want to feel included. They want to feel cared for. They want to belong. In our industry, becoming more inclusive is an existential issue. Everyone deserves to feel like they can be themselves at work, and that they can do so safely...both mentally and physically."

Career Journey
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Hire, Inspire, Develop, Grow

Talent Acquisition

We know hiring diverse, talented people who want to change the world means expanding beyond where our industry has traditionally recruited. You’ll find us recruiting at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), minority-focused career events, job fairs for veterans, LGBTQIA+ recruitment expos, professional women’s associations and more.

Talent Management

Cultivating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion extends beyond becoming a part of the DPR family. Once here, we are committed to inspire, develop and grow diverse talent across all levels and functions. Companywide initiatives such as Unconscious Bias and Build Belonging in addition to data analytics help to ensure we are identifying opportunities and mitigating barriers.

Human Resources

Our HR practices are not just a series of policies and procedures but also practices that reflect and best serve our employee family. Equitable pay, inclusive benefits, recognitions and rewards are reviewed and updated regularly.

Diversity alone is not enough. People need to feel like they belong, like they matter to the organization, are valued and can bring value. To this end, we need to ensure we have business and people practices that are equitable.

Stacee Barkley

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DPR is committed to creating a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the communities in which we live, work, serve and build—a place where everyone is encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work. Stacee Barkley brings this commitment to…

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