Be a Pillar

Global Social Responsibility

The start of a new year offers a chance for reflection—what did we do well this year? What do we want to change or improve? Are we moving forward with purpose and in the right direction?

Be a Pillar - Ruth, Patrice and Kevin

Our commitment to Global Social Responsibility (GSR) is year-round, but the start of 2023 offers us the chance to evaluate where we are and where we are going. But it’s bigger than just setting a New Year’s resolution. GSR is about igniting conversation, listening to employee and community voices, and then creating change that builds equity, equality and inclusivity—not only within DPR, but within the construction industry.

The Be a Pillar series is turning a year old. This series is dedicated to sharing the perspectives of DPR employees who are helping to inspire, educate and lead us on a journey. It was created to inspire conversations, bring us closer to our coworkers, and understand their experiences.

Four Pillars of

Global Social Responsibility

At DPR, being integral and indispensable is threaded into everything we do. To help guide our efforts on a company-wide scale, our work in Global Social Responsibility includes four Pillars:


Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment


Building a healthier environment for people and the planet


Maximizing opportunities for diverse businesses based in the places where we work


Building possibilities for the under-resourced

As we explore these Pillars throughout the year, we’ll talk about the things that make each of us different and the ties that bind us together. We will elevate the voices of our employees and we will share our work toward making the planet a safer, healthier, happier and more inclusive place.

In their words

What Does Inclusivity Mean to DPR Employees?

Ruth Strock

“Inclusivity is respecting EVERY individual, despite how perceived differences can make us uncomfortable. To be inclusive in the workplace, I recognize I have biases, I acknowledge my own discomfort and then push it aside. When we respect the individual, we create spaces that make people feel more comfortable to open up and share. I try to be as curious as possible, and I don’t let any mistakes stop me from trying.”

Ruth Strock, Risk

Patrice Haley

“Inclusion is important in the workplace because being ‘seen’ as one’s authentic self creates better experiences for employees, colleagues and customers. Better experiences enhance enjoyment and translate a job one has, into a career that one loves. I practice inclusion by getting to know my team, the project teams with which we work, and intentionally creating space that embraces their individuality. No one person or team has the same needs or ambitions. I choose to explore and embrace those differences at every opportunity.”

Patrice G. Haley, Supplier Diversity

Kevin Chen

"In construction, we solve unique challenges each and every day; it is fundamental that our team members feel safe, valued and comfortable to share their own perspectives. On our projects, we practice a listen first approach, allowing for each person’s ideas to be heard before we make decisions as a team. This creates a workplace culture of feeling valued and safe, while developing positive relationships and growth opportunities for each person on our team. Inclusivity is important because it creates equal opportunities for each team member to contribute with their unique individuality."

Kevin Chen, Operations

Photos: Mindy Hetman, David Hardman

Be a Pillar of Global Social Responsibility

The Be a Pillar series is dedicated to sharing the perspectives of DPR employees who are helping to inspire, educate and lead us on a journey.