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An industry leader needs individual leaders. As an employee-owned organization that relies on the contributions of the whole, DPR places a premium on finding and developing the right people. We want individuals who share our core values and demonstrate a true passion for what they do in the office or field. Good judgment and sense of humor also a plus.

Why DPR?
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People With Purpose

We exist to build great things.® It really is that simple. Great projects, great relationships, great teams, a truly great company start with smart people and strong values.

We can give you many reasons why you should consider building your career at DPR. But rather than listing all the reasons, we decided to share anecdotes from people who currently work here.

Find Your Why

Core Values With Value

I enjoy working for a company that continuously makes me feel like part of the team. Each one of DPR's core values has not only projected into my career but also into my personal life.

Annie Brown

Self-perform work laborer

Learning & Development
Building Your Toolbox

A Learning Organization

DPR Construction is a learning organization. We recognize that continuous learning and training are keys to the success of individuals and project teams.

At DPR, we want everyone to be the manager of his or her own destiny when it comes to learning and improvement. We encourage external training, professional accreditations and industry conference participation, as well as offer a variety of internal training tools and programs

Build Your Toolbox

Forever Forward

Not once have I felt that I was being held back in anything that I set my mind to accomplish—in fact, quite the opposite. I have been encouraged to "Lean In' and have always had full support from my leaders to grow and develop my path and future with DPR.

Kelly Radtke

CCIP administrator

Benefits Program
Tools for Your Life

Benefits Program

For Your Health

Nothing is more important than your health and wellness. DPR offers a variety of medical, dental, vision and wellness benefits to keep you healthy.

Read more about eligibility and available benefits and plans.

For the Unknown

Life has a way of surprising us all. DPR's package includes life, disability and critical illness insurance to give and your family peace of mind.

Read more about eligibility and available benefits and plans.

For Balance

Work hard, play hard. At DPR we strive for work-life integration that allows you to take your much-deserved holidays and time off to rest, recharge and do things that you love (besides building).

Read more about eligibility and available benefits and plans.

For Your Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is you and your dog on the open road or desire to explore fertility and adoption options, DPR provides benefits that help families.

Read more about eligibility and available benefits and plans.

For Your Next Great Thing

At DPR, we respect the individual and that means we want you set up for your life ahead, even after DPR. Whether it is pursuing your educational ambitions or planning for retirement, DPR has benefits designed to help provide security for the long-term.

Read more about eligibility and available benefits and plans.

Ready to Join?
Ready to Join?

Have we got a job for you

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DPR is dedicated to creating and maintaining a diverse environment and culture. If you think on your feet, thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, and are driven to bringing out the best in yourself and your colleagues, please check out our career opportunities. Didn't find anything for you? Consider submitting your resumé to [email protected].

Just starting out? DPR is looking for the best and brightest construction management, construction engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering students to help make history in the construction industry. We hire students for winter or spring internships and for permanent full-time positions. Explore our campus opportunities on university connection.

DPR is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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