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DPR Construction Logo
Who We Are We Exist to Build Great Things.®


DPR Construction is a unique technical builder with a passion for results. Ranked among the top 50 general contractors in the country since 1997, we are a global self-performing commercial contractor and construction manager that has grown with our customers by delivering measurably more value. Whether a multi-million-dollar technical facility or a conference room renovation, we execute every project with relentless accountability. We listen to your goals. We develop strategies based on your business. We track our performance. We do everything we can to earn your trust and build great lasting relationships and raving fans.

Core Values

INVIOLABLE BELIEFS. Our core values are a starting point and help define what we do and how we do it. They underlie the passion that drives us to be better and different. They allow the freedoms of our entrepreneurial organization, where people are empowered to make decisions, to make a difference with their ideas and hard work, to find solutions and challenge traditional ways of doing things.

DPR's Core Values: Integrity, Enjoyment, Uniqueness and Ever Forward

Integrity. We conduct all business with the highest standards of honesty and fairness; we can be trusted.

Enjoyment. We believe work should be fun and intrinsically satisfying; if we are not enjoying ourselves, we are doing something wrong.

Uniqueness. We must be different from and more progressive than all other construction companies; we stand for something.

Ever Forward. We believe in continual self-initiated change, improvement, learning and the advancement of standards for their own sake.

Mission 2030 To be one of the Most Admired Companies by the year 2030.

We aim high at DPR, setting big goals and working hard to live up to our commitments. We know we can accomplish anything when we work together.

Stylized illustration of DPR's mountain with dots representing big decades starting.

Mission 2030 Vivid Descriptions

Over the next 30 years our PEOPLE PRACTICES will be recognized as being as progressive and influential as Hewlett Packard’s were over the last 50 years.

When it comes to QUALITY AND INNOVATION, we will do for the Construction Industry what Toyota did for the Auto Industry.

We will have created a BRAND IMAGE that is as positive and consistent as Disney’s.

Like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, our people and company will be known for being AGGRESSIVE AND "BULLET SMART."

We will be as INTEGRAL AND INDISPENSABLE to the communities we operate in as are The Boys and Girls Clubs and The Red Cross.

We will consistently produce TRULY GREAT RESULTS AND FINANCIAL RETURNS comparable to the Most Admired Companies.

HISTORY OF DPR Construction

Our history tells our story. When we started in 1990, our founders had an opportunity to do things differently in an industry resistant to change. Choosing the name DPR, using the first letters of their first names, was the first sign of what Doug, Peter and Ron would create. It wasn't that they regarded themselves as important, but that they wanted to create a truly different kind of company. Surprising. Personal. Family-like, not family-owned.

DPR History

Learn how the story begins

Doug Woods, Peter Nosler and Ron Davidowski set out to build something different in an industry traditionally resistant to change. Decades later, DPR serves customers around the world, building complex and sustainable projects of all sizes for some of the most notable companies on the planet.

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