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Lakeside interior lobby with stairs
HOW WE BUILD Special Services

Interior Specialists focused on minimizing disruption

Whether it’s a minor renovation, complete refresh or a first-generation tenant improvement, DPR SSG teams are built to be agile and nimble so they can get in and out without disruption. From large scopes to emergency on-call response to refreshing fixtures, our in-house specialists know your business, your jurisdictions and your pain points—and they’ll deliver your project with predictable results every time.


Three things set DPR’s Special Services Group (SSG) apart from the rest: our technical knowledge within our core markets, our focus on the needs of our customers, regardless of project size, and our unmatched passion for building great things.

Workday Headquarters conference area

Workday Headquarters, Pleasanton, CA

When to Call Us

SSG teams are the “special forces” units called in for unique, complex projects—regardless of size, including:

  • Building repositioning, including lobby and curtain wall upgrades
  • Build-out of spaces with high-end finishes and unique amenity features
  • Critical life science lab work, renovations or additions
  • Construction in occupied spaces where crews must not be seen or heard: We are clean, quiet, efficient and fast
  • Hospital renovations “behind the red line”
  • Last-minute projects or projects with an aggressive timeline
  • Projects requiring special infrastructure, such as robust mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems
  • Renovations of highly secure and sensitive mission-critical data centers
  • Renovations and improvements to your existing campus: labs, classrooms, lecture halls, housing, etc.
Common area with industrial finishes and assorted spaces and seating for people throughout.

Dedicated SSG Advantage

What are the benefits to having dedicated SSG specialists on your project?

  • We are nimble, but backed by the resources and provide the services of a large international contractor
  • We are familiar with working in operational environments and limiting disruptions
  • We focus on delivering value without sacrificing quality
  • We know that for you, and for us, it’s not a “small” project
Rows of desks in front of windows on a terrace level classroom

Depth of Resources
  • Commissioning/MEP resources
  • Data analytics
  • Design services
  • Lean construction techniques
  • Preconstruction depth
  • Prefabrication
  • Safety leadership
  • Self-perform work
  • Sustainable construction
  • Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)
Common area at a hotel with couches and a table with stools against the wall.

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