Houston Methodist Hospital - Dunn Tower Refresh

Houston Methodist Hospital - Dunn Tower Refresh | Houston, TX

The Dunn Tower Refresh project included a full architectural upgrade and a refresh to patient rooms, patient restrooms, nursing stations, work areas, public elevator lobbies, and waiting rooms. The project took place as half of the floor was still in operation.



Extensive coordination with hospital stakeholders took place related to replacing the majority of the existing domestic water, sanitary sewer, and sanitary vent lines. Shutdowns that took place were identified, planned, coordinated, and executed above active operating rooms and labor and delivery rooms, which included a full building domestic water drain down. All were completed successfully.

Better Building

Through Prefabrication

A prefabricated headwall system added several benefits. During the early stages of procurement of the headwall frame system, DPR was able to begin MEP and rough-in modifications earlier versus a typical built-in place system. Additionally, the prefabricated headwall system allowed for consistency and superior quality control as fewer trade partners were involved in fabrication. DPR also shifted fabrication to an off-site facility which reduced the onsite workforce, reduced risk, safety incidents, and eliminated the logistical challenges of mobilizing a large labor force in a congested urban environment.

Benefits Of


DPR self-performed the demolition, framing and drywall, doors, frames, and hardware, modular headwall installation, acoustical ceilings, and infection control risk assessment (ICRA). Self-perform allowed DPR to control and advance the schedule. For example, during demolition, DPR was able to call upon 60 craft workers to selectively demolish 56,000-sq.-ft. between four floors in one month.

Acute Care Patient Room w/ Prefabricated Headwall System. Photo by Jud Haggard Photography.
View of Centralized Nurse Station & Work Area. Photo by Jud Haggard Photography.
View of Centralized Nurse Station & Work Area. Photo by Jud Haggard Photography.
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