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At Our Core

DPR Construction

It all started with a self-performing technical builder. Grown to be one of the top contractors in the world in 30 short years, DPR Construction has stayed true to its roots. By focusing on the most technical projects DPR has become a contractor-of-choice for some of the largest and most revolutionary companies in the world. This body of work has created unique opportunities to deepen expertise and identify gaps and inefficiencies in the traditional construction delivery process. A builder, not a broker, DPR's hands-on approach integrates technologies and techniques in a practical way, supported by the rest of the family of companies.

Team of Teams
An Extended

Team of Teams

From the first moment that a project is conceived through the life of a building, we see opportunities to streamline and integrate the project for more predictability, more efficiency and higher quality—but only if there is transparency and collaboration. The DPR family of companies is an extended team of teams, connecting a typically disjointed process from preconstruction through operations and maintenance. Our shared builder skillset and mindset allows us to approach prefabrication, software and logistics not as tools or methods, but simply the way we build.

Family of Companies

Meet The Companies

The Companies

With nearly 10,000 employees across the globe, the companies in the DPR family are closing the gap between design and construction with an integrated collection of products and services to build smarter, move faster and achieve great results—even beyond the build.

Supporting Design-to-Build


Gregory P. Luth & Associates, Inc. | GPLA

Structural Engineers and Builders, GPLA helps to deliver predicable outcomes. The nature of design-to-build fosters creative problem solving and adaptive innovation to solve unique and complex problems.

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Based in Pune, India, vConstruct provides increased team capacity in virtual design and construction, project controls, software solutions, and data management and analysis.

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Extending the Team

OES Equipment

OES Equipment

OES Equipment is an organized, efficient service providing logistics and jobsite supply. OES is a procurement partner of choice throughout the project lifecycle.

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EIG Electrical Systems

EIG Electrical Systems

Technical projects require technical systems. EIG Electrical Systems provides electrical procurement and supply chain management, prefabrication, installation, low voltage systems, renewables and power storage solutions.

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Prefabrication and Offsite Assembly



SurePods is the North American leader of factory-built bathroom pods. Consolidating the talents of eight separate trades, the finished product comes ready to hook up and inspect.

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Digital Building Components

Digital Building Components

Digital Building Components offers digital manufacturing of custom building assemblies focused on exterior wall assemblies, light gauge load bearing structural systems and interior wall partitions, built custom and precise to spec.

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Ever Forward

WND Ventures

WND Ventures

In an industry resistant to change, sometimes you need to drive your own. The DPR family of companies is dedicated to innovation. Using projects to pilot new technologies and incubate new ideas is what our venture capital arm, WND Ventures is laser focused on. Through strategic investments and incubation, WND is delivering more value in the building lifecycle and drawing in the best and brightest cross-discipline talent to the AEC industry.

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The end of construction is just the beginning of the life of a building. VueOps extends the value of design and construction data to make facility operations more efficient and effective.

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Transforming An Industry

An Industry

Our team of teams offers more predictability.

The way we approach projects through all phases: design, preconstruction, production, assembly, construction and post-construction, provides a more holistic experience. The DPR family of companies is always searching for ways to build efficiencies and improve expectations for projects and the built environment in an industry resistant to change.

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