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We exist to build great things®—great projects, great teams, a great network of highly qualified subcontractor partners. With offices all over the country, we have streamlined the prequalification process. As a subcontractor, you only need to prequalify with DPR Construction once each year regardless of how many of our offices with which you would like to bid work.
DO I Need to Be Prequalified?
Who Needs to Be


DPR requires that all subcontractors be prequalified annually to be eligible to bid and contract work with our company. If you are a subcontractor who has worked with DPR previously, please contact DPR Prequal directly at (602) 333-1834 or via email: [email protected].

The following scopes of work do not need to go through the prequalification process:

  • Vendors
  • Material Suppliers
  • Testing
  • Adjusting
  • Balancing
  • Engineering Firms
  • Architecture, including Landscape
  • Environmental Science
  • Planning
  • Surveying
Prequal Requirements
What Documentation

Do I Need?

In addition to completing the prequalification form (link below), please be prepared to submit the following supporting documentation. At least one of the following must be attached at the time you submit your prequalification form. The remainder of the documentation may be attached at the same time or sent separately via email to [email protected] or eFax to 866-326-9224.

  • With full legal name, signed and dated within the past year.

  • File Folder

    With Applicable Endorsements

    Does not need to be issued to DPR, but must be current (not expired). We need proof of insurance for the prequal process.

  • For Past 3 Years

    If your company has ten (10) or less employees, provide the number of employees and the total hours worked each year. Regardless of your company size, the OSHA 300A form is required if recordable incidents have occurred.

  • For Past 3 Years

    NCCl comparable form or letter from worker’s comp carrier.

  • Dated within the last 30 days, stating your single project bonding capacity, aggregate bonding capacity, and amount available.

  • Third party prepared financial statements (audit, review, or compilation) from your last fiscal year end that include dated letter from CPA firm, balance sheet, and income statement. Also, an internal balance sheet and income statement for most recent month end. Both are required if prequalifying.


    If you have reservations about submitting financials, we provide other options which can be set up directly with our Prequal department at [email protected].

    1. A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed by DPR.

    2. In lieu of third party financials, we will accept a CPA prepared federal tax return accompanied by an internally prepared balance sheet and income statement for the same period. Only forms 1120, 1120S, and 1065 are accepted (just send the first 5-6 pages that include schedules L and M-1). In addition to tax returns, please include the year end internal balance sheet and profit and loss sheet.

  • We are requesting this additional information to better analyze the current financial health of our valued trade partners.

    1. WIP schedule with totals (a.k.a. “contracts in progress” schedule showing contract value and amount remaining to be billed; it is acceptable to redact project name, GC name, and columns pertaining to cost and profit)

    2. Accounts Receivable Aging Summary (we will accept either the entire schedule or just the final page that shows the totals per category---current, 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, retention)

    3. Line of Credit bank statement (dated within the last 30 days) that includes name of bank, total amount of line, and current amount accessed against the line

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All information is kept strictly confidential and used only for prequalification purposes.

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Should you have additional questions regarding the forms or the prequalification process, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you for helping DPR Construction build great things.

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