Self-Service Questionnaire

Self-Service Questionnaire FAQs

  • The prequalification team can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (602) 333-1834.

  • The self-service questionnaire portal is compatible with all browsers, but works best with Google Chrome.

  • When you receive a Renewal Notification or Password Reset e-mail, click on the link within the e-mail to access the questionnaire. A window will appear requesting the Federal Tax ID number. Be sure to include the hyphen when entering the number. If entering a Social Security Number, include both hyphens.

    Federal Tax ID text box.

    After clicking OK, the Password box will appear. Enter the case sensitive password provided in the e-mail. Do not include the apostrophes.

    Password text box.
  • The password received in the e-mail is valid until the Submit button is clicked on Page 7 of the questionnaire. You may access the questionnaire as often as you need using the link in the same e-mail.

    Once you click the Submit button on Page 7, the questionnaire cannot be accessed until the next renewal period. Contact the prequalification team if you need anything changed or have additional documentation to be attached.

  • Be sure you are entering the password exactly as it appears in the e-mail as it is case sensitive. The apostrophes or an extra space in that field could prevent you from accessing your record. Please contact the prequalification team if you need assistance.

  • The questionnaire contains required fields which are marked with an asterisk. However, you should fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible to avoid delays in processing. 

    Federal tax ID text box
  • You can start saving after completing the first page of the questionnaire. All required fields must be filled in prior to clicking on Save Draft. When you log back into the questionnaire, the information already filled in will still be there.

    Save draft
  • You can navigate through the questionnaire by clicking Previous or Next at the top right of the page.

    Previous and Next buttons
  • On Page 1 of the questionnaire under the Branch Locations section, click Add Row to enter additional locations and contacts.

  • Enter certifying agency names on Page 2 of the questionnaire. Type the name of the agency into the field and hit Enter.

    Certifying Agency text box

    If the agency does not exist in our system, a dialog box will appear to add the new name to the list. Click OK.

    New name dialog box.
  • If you have active enterprise certificate(s), please upload them on Page 6 of the questionnaire.

  • Click on Add Row to enter multiple trade codes.

    Add row dialog box.
  • Send an e-mail to the prequalification team to get assistance with finding the code which is closest to your company’s scope.

  • Only references from general contractors which your firm has worked with should be entered into that section.

  • Page 6 of the questionnaire is where all documents are uploaded. Click on the “Choose File” button to locate the file on your computer and upload the document. The document types have been preselected for your convenience. The top four on the list noted with an asterisk must have a document uploaded to submit the questionnaire. PDFs are the preferred file type, but Excel, Word, and image files will also be accepted.

    Document upload fields.
  • A Certificate of Insurance, EMR worksheet or letter, W-9 form, and OSHA 300A forms are the minimum documentation required to submit the questionnaire. If you do not have these items, please attach a document with an explanation of why the required document is missing. If your company is not required to provide OSHA 300A forms due to company size, please provide a document with the average number of employees and total hours worked figures for the last three (3) years.

  • Page 7 of the questionnaire provides a summary of everything that was entered. The Print button is located at the bottom of the page. The summary will not include the list of documents attached.

    Print button
  • The Submit button must be clicked for the questionnaire to be received on our end.

    Submit button

    After clicking Submit, a confirmation page will appear.

    Questionnaire submitted confirmation.
  • A status letter will be sent via e-mail when the prequalification review is complete. The status letter will address your company’s level of approval.

If you have any additional questions which have not been answered, please contact the prequalification team via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (602) 333-1834.

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