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Market Conditions

Bookmark this page for quick reference. We will update this dashboard quarterly. Look for in-depth reports quarterly.

Current Conditions

Interactive Dashboard

Reading this dashboard: Past data reflects the movement of PPI indices, as provided by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics and is captured and updated monthly. Future forecast data is gathered through DPR’s Supplier Relationship Management Program in coordination with leading industry manufacturers and suppliers. Forecasted data is captured and modeled quarterly as an average of several surveys to multiple suppliers within the trade.

Supply Chain

How can you stay prepared?

Keep in Touch

Open lines of communication to talk about what you need and when you’ll need it.

Long Lead

Understand your needs and identify at-risk materials that have extended lead times that will impact critical path. Be willing to explore alternative solutions when needed.

Special Delivery

Understand freight constraints, and plan for how they may impact deliveries.

Be Aware

Understand manufacturing plant issues, including shutdowns, labor shortages and material delays resulting from fluctuating global disruptions and associated supply blockages.

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