DPR performed new office tenant improvements within the City Center Bellevue hi-rise building. The client sought to expand and refresh their existing space. The scope of work included updating conference rooms, living green walls, a kitchen, open offices, focus rooms and restrooms. The new space was designed with privacy in mind with high acoustic standards in all office and conference areas. Other design elements included a complicated and unique ceiling cloud system, wood slat ceilings in the elevator lobby, open offices and a break area.

The multi-phased construction involved full separation of work and occupied space adjusted between each stage. With each section, DPR performed a demolition followed up with construction of new office space. The building’s loading dock restrictions, along with other contractors working in the building concurrently, created logistical challenges. The project required substantial coordination between the client and DPR to minimize the downtime in between phases. DPR modified shifts to accommodate those restrictions and maintained constant communication with the client, landlord and other tenants to ensure a smooth transition of each phase.

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