Equinix Tampa 8th Floor Buildout

Equinix Tampa 8th Floor Buildout | Tampa, FL

The Equinix Tampa 8th Floor Buildout was a 15,000-sq.-ft. build-out of existing office space located at the office structure in Two Harbour Place, Tampa, Florida. This project included the complete demolition of office space back to the existing structure and core mechanical systems, and complete reconstruction consisted of patricians, finishes and MEP systems. Unique features of this project included a living wall, as well as a motion censored color-changing lighting system.



DPR self-performed the demolition, drywall and framing, ACT, doors, frames and hardware, specialties and appliances installation on this project. By executing fundamental scopes of work, we were able to offer greater control as well as the chance to set the tone and pace for the project.

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