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Biogen | Building 8, Floors 4 & 5 Lab Renovation

Biogen | Building 8, Floors 4 & 5 Lab Renovation | Cambridge, MA

DPR was selected to renovate 42,000 sq. ft. of space on the 4th and 5th floors of Building 8 on the Biogen campus. The new space included the relocation of cell culture suites, cold rooms, microscope isolation room, tissue culture suite, large freezer farm and rad room from an adjacent building. The team was also responsible for the assembly, installation and commissioning of a HighRes Robot used for high-throughput screening of Biogen’s chemical library on biological assays. The robot allows hundreds of thousands of chemicals to be tested in various disease models to see if any could become a candidate for a new therapy. The robot, which works 24/7, makes it possible to test upwards of 300,000 chemicals a day.



With occupied labs above and below, the team preplanned and reviewed all work on a daily basis with Biogen's facilities and operations teams to mitigate disruptions, including noise and vibration, which would potentially affect the work being done in the surrounding labs.

The tight campus site posed challenges, with no laydown space for materials and large equipment, as well as limited loading dock availability. This made the coordination of just-in-time deliveries critical to meeting the fast-track project schedule.

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