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Genentech Oceanside Product Operations

Genentech Oceanside Product Operations | Oceanside, California

No excuses. Building trust and collaboration among team members.

Follow-through. A unique modularization approach to process systems.

Zero defects. Those were just some of the fundamentals followed by the design, engineering and construction team to achieve a high level of success on a six-building, 500,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing campus project in Oceanside, California. Constructed in 2.5 years with 2.9 million man-hours and at a capital cost of $380 million, the project was delivered on time and under budget, setting new standards in biotech process design and automation.


And Unique

One notable unique project feature was that more than 70 percent of the process systems were designed to be modularized. By pre-fabricating the modules and having them tested in factories prior to installation, the number of technical issues onsite was tremendously reduced. The use of modules also allowed process work to proceed on an accelerated parallel path from building construction, significantly reducing trade stacking and fast-tracking the construction/validation schedule.

The final product exceeded the owner’s expectations, and the DPR construction team was commended for their efforts in securing the Manufacturing Building Certificate of Occupancy ahead of schedule.

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