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Supporting life sciences customers in their work to help change people’s lives for the better is Dennis Kirkpatrick’s primary focus as Co-Leader for DPR’s Life Sciences Core Market. With experience in delivering best-in-class outcomes for biotechnology and pharmaceutical projects, he is an expert in constructing facilites for bulk biologics, active pharmecutical ingredients, fill finish, and cell and gene therapy.

Dennis started in the Life Sciences industry as process intern in 2002, which led to a passion in research and development throughout his undergraduate and graduate years. His desire for a hands-on applicable approach drew him toward roles in engineering and construction management among others, in the office and in the field. In his career, Dennis has focused on cGMP manufacturing front end design and master planning, process design, construction and overall project delivery across North America, the European Union and Asia-Pacific.


  • Role: Life Sciences Core Market Co-Leader
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Ever Forward. Never stop learning!
  • What You Love About Construction: The ability to bring diverse, multicultural teams together in a complex and challenging environment. We as one team control our destiny.
  • Best Vacation Spot: Hiking, fly fishing or boating in the mountains.
  • Favorite Subject in School: Math
  • Word to the Wise: When people talk, listen to understand.

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