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John Vardaman

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, John Vardaman brings attention to detail and discipline to the forefront of his work. He was introduced to DPR in San Diego after serving in the Marine Corps both domestically and overseas. John’s passion for building and his connection to DPR’s purpose landed him in the Redwood City office in 2007. While gaining experience on some of the largest technical commercial projects in Northern California, he earned his master’s degree in Sustainable Design & Construction from Stanford University.

John now leads a growing team in Nashville serving as Business Unit Leader. His passion for building great things continues as he creates successful teams by matching the right DPR builder to the right project based on the goals of the customer and the technical challenge of the project.


  • Role: Nashville Business Unit Leader
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Ever Forward. Good is the enemy of great; we should celebrate our successes and then get better on the next one!
  • What you Love About Construction: When I got started in construction, it was about seeing the physical construction happen. I still love to geek out on the design and engineering aspects of our projects, but my greatest joy now is being able to understand the idea that started the project, where the client is trying to get to, and being part of their journey in their business.
  • Most Useful App: So many…anyone that spends any time around me knows I live on my phone. That being said, texting is probably the most useful. Communication is the most important thing I think we can do and it’s a great way to drop in on folks in a busy world when you are between more meaningful face to face time.
  • Best Vacation Spot: Best vacation spot: Mexico! Love the heat and the surf and the food…and the margaritas!
  • Favorite Subject in School: Math (Although the ‘new math’ my kids are learning is making me re-think this)

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