Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day

A collage of DPR builders.
DPR builders share the reasons they work safely.

When Labor Day comes around, many of us fire up the grill and pull on our swimsuits for one last grasp of summer before the fall season begins. Behind this merriment is an occasion that was created a century-and-a-quarter ago to honor the work of laborers and their contributions to the development and achievements of America. It is a tribute to all workers whose labor built the strength, prosperity and well-being of the country for over a century.

As we celebrate Labor Day in the U.S., we think about the daily contributions our people make to the success of DPR. An outsider would probably describe us as a construction company. They might say DPR is in the building business. This isn’t wrong; these statements are true—on the surface. But if you dig a little deeper, you realize DPR is a people business.

DPR is guided by a purpose: We exist to build great things.® But how do we achieve this? The answer: Our people, the heart and soul of DPR. Great things are built on the strong foundation of work done safely by our craft team members, who show up every day, tools in hand, and push the company ever forward.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our people. We strive to create a culture of discipline that translates into an injury-free workplace. This means zero incidents. We’ve worked hard to create a “checks and balances” system that demands daily involvement and vigilance. It includes everything from pre-task planning and safety walks to audits of jobsite practices.

In reality, it relies heavily on our builders in the field, who not only take care of themselves, but who take care of each other—who take care of us all. In practice, this means intervening if you see unsafe conditions—saying something if you see something. It means planning for safety and thinking about how to do each and every task safely, no matter if it’s brand new or if you’ve done it a hundred times. Our builders know that safety, quality and schedule are not mutually exclusive. They know that having zero incidents is an achievable goal. We all want to return home safely each day, whether it be to hug our kids, feed our pets or make dinner for our families. DPR builders are responsible for keeping our jobsites and everyone on them safe, and for that we are wholly grateful. For that, we say “Thank you.”