Sustainable Data Centers

Sustainable Data Centers

Data centers have become a cornerstone of modern life. From the ability to ask a device at home to play any song at any moment to the Cloud-based systems financial firms, healthcare systems, federal agencies and more depend on 24/7, demand is only growing for data centers. At the same time, these facilities have traditionally had significant environmental footprints. The question is: how do we support the growth of digital infrastructure while also better managing its energy, water and carbon footprint?

In the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, stakeholders from across the industry are paving the way to greener data centers through new approaches to design and construction. It takes collaboration across diverse disciplines to be able to reach new levels of efficiency, though. In that spirit, DPR convened a panel of experts to take a deep dive into what’s possible and how we can collaborate for a future of greener data centers.

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