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Confidential Colocation Data Center Phase 1

Confidential Colocation Data Center Phase 1 | Ashburn, VA

This new, ground-up data center for a confidential client represents its new business model, which moves away from multi-tenant data centers to single-customer deployment, allowing for greater efficiency and flexibility. The first of its kind on the east coast for this customer, the Ashburn North Campus located facility consists of a new 200,000-sq.-ft., two-story, steel-framed building with precast concrete. In addition to the building itself, DPR built-out three of the six data halls with one shared redundant electrical block. Future phases of work involve the build-out of the remaining three retail data hall spaces within this shell, as well as the associated mechanical and electrical infrastructure. This project is the first of five such buildings planned on the Ashburn North site.

Designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, this facility represents the customers' commitment to designing, building, and operating sustainable data centers. This highly-efficient data center uses reclaimed water with an indirect evaporative cooling solution and other measures to dramatically reduce potable water consumption.