CyrusOne Building 4 Data Center, Phase 1

CyrusOne Building 4 Data Center, Phase 1 | Chandler, Arizona

Where most data centers of this size can take over a year to build, the Cyrus project was completed in just 107 days. In fact, Data Hall 1 was delivered to the tenant for beneficial occupancy a full month before project completion. This delivery speed was largely due to the Massively Modular® engineering approach, which used a streamlined supply chain management and standardized design to generate and build pre-fabricated modular blocks. Finally, the Massively Modular® design, along with coordination efforts between the subcontractors and commissioning agents, allowed the project to be commissioned in approximately two weeks.

Project Scope

While waiting for the building permits, the DPR team worked extensively as Design-Assist partners with the concrete and steel subcontractors and designers to value engineer and maximize efficiency of erection sequences to expedite project delivery. This fast track project schedule started with partial permits for site and grading. As the project progressed, the team worked with multiple cranes for the steel and concrete panel erection, manned by multiple shifts. Additional site challenges included a 100-year storm that the project team skillfully managed to prevent delays in construction.

Phase 1 of CyrusOne’s Building 4 consisted of 120,000-sq.-ft of core and shell work, as well as the complete construction of Data Hall 1 (30,000-sq.-ft.). When all phases are finished, Building 4 will provide 9 megawatts of generator power with 80,000-sq.-ft. of data center space. Building 4 is one of seven buildings that will make up the 1,000,000-sq.-ft. master planned facility in Chandler. When finished, the campus will deliver up to 100 megawatts of power to serve enterprises in the Western U.S., making it one of the largest and most energy efficient data centers in the country.

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