Facebook Lulea Data Center interior

Facebook Luleå Data Center

Facebook Luleå Data Center | Luleå, Sweden

DPR completed the first phase of a new hyperscale data center campus in northern Sweden to support a Facebook's rapid global growth. The new ground-up campus in Luleå, Sweden, is Facebook's first facility outside the United States. The location takes advantage of the cool climate in Luleå, a seaside town of approximately 45,000 people, located at approximately the same latitude as Fairbanks, Alaska. The cool, dry weather allows for use of outside air to cool the tens of thousands of servers that will occupy the new data centers, similar to Facebook's other sites located in Oregon, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and Virginia (also built by DPR).

Project Scope

The expansion of Facebook’s infrastructure beyond the U.S. reflects the increasingly global makeup of its user base. More than 75 percent of the customer's 1.1 billion users are located outside the United States. Building data centers closer to these users will improve the speed of their connection and overall user experience. The announcement was celebrated in Sweden, and particularly in Luleå, where economic development officials have been marketing the region as a data center destination due to its combination of a cool climate, strong connectivity and plentiful supply of inexpensive, renewable energy.

The average daily temperature in Luleå ranges from high of 41 degrees Fahrenheit to low of 27 degrees Fahrenheit. The area averages just four days a year with high temperatures exceeding 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The nearby Lule River produces about 13.6 million MW hours of hydro-electric power, equal to 10 percent of Sweden’s total demand for electricity. Luleå, Sweden has some of the cheapest power rates in all of Europe.

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