After successfully completing a tenant fit-out and renovation in the Riverfront Plaza, DPR was selected to replace the existing cooling towers on the facility's East and West towers.

Specifically, this project included:

  • Replacing two (2) existing 2000 ton / 4800 gpm cooling towers (built in 1992) with new units - one cooling tower on the roof of each building
  • Installing new Variable Frequency Drives
  • Supporting electrical and software upgrades to the existing BAS system

The project team carefully coordinated the construction plan, as both 20-story buildings remained occupied and operational and were located in a tight urban location. 

In order to minimize disruptions, the project was split into two weekends - one tower per weekend, each with a 56-hour shutdown window. The existing cooling towers were drained, demo'd and removed, with new cooling towers subsequently lifted and assembled using a 550-ton crane. 

DPR utilized lean manufacturing techniques in order to accomplish this large amount of work within such a short time frame. 

Lean techniques included:

  • Reassembling the the cooling towers at the mechanical subcontractor's local facility
  • Fabricating and fitting-up the supply and return piping with control valves before scheduled shutdown
  • Disassembling the cooling towers along with the prefabricated piping
  • Shipping cooling towers to the jobsite for just-in-time lifting to the roof

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