Open office layout

Company Culture Reflected in New Office

Morrison Hershfield | Baltimore, MD

Located on the fifth floor of the CareFirst tower, DPR fit-out Morrison Hershfield’s new office space. As an employee-owned company, it was important that the space reflect their culture creating client-focused solutions that are innovative, reliable, cost effective and sustainable. Spanning 9,000 sq. ft, the open office features collaborations space offers unparalleled views of the distinguished Baltimore skyline and is conveniently located for employees.


Work Performed

With Our Own Forces

To execute work on the space, select scopes of work were completed by our self-perform work crews including:

  • Drywall
  • Doors, frames, and hardware
  • Division 10 specialties
  • Rough carpentry
  • Ceilings
Resequencing Work

Addressing Schedule Impacts

The team diligently planned in preconstruction to overcome supply chain challenges and prevent impacts to the schedule. When analyzing the schedule the team focused on the materials and equipment that needed to be released early, before mobilization, and collaborated with the design team. DPR’s previous experience with the architect was a huge asset to overcoming these challenges.

However, in protest over pandemic policies Canadian truckers blocked the border, delaying the demountable partition wall material arrival for fabrication and then delivery to site. The team worked with the fabricator to identify solutions and mitigate impact to the project’s cost and schedule. The manufacturer agreed to send partial shipments using their own trucking operations, which allowed for work to continue in the field.

The team resequenced the work to prepare for when the partitions arrived. ed To address the concerns DPR coordinated with the furniture installer, to accommodate the installation sequence. The team worked with the Baltimore City who granted partial inspections.

Office cafe
Office conference rooms
Open office layout
Office cafe
Office conference rooms
Open office layout


True to DPR’s approach, all of the challenges and solutions were proactively communicated with Morrison Hershfield. Although additional cost was added in overcoming this challenge, the project was still delivered under budget and on time. DPR’s resources and understanding of the current market allowed the team to plan for challenges, known and unknown, throughout the duration of the project. Morrison Hershfield moved into their new space before their previous lease ended and are now enjoying their new home in Baltimore.

Open office layout

Morrison Hershfield was honored with an Excellence in Construction award by ABC Greater Baltimore.

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