This was a nine-phase build-out of a 4,000 sq. ft. shell space on the existing second floor, and demolition and reworking of portions of the first and second floors of the existing two story Student Health Center building on the Georgia Institute of Technology Campus in Atlanta, GA.

Renovation work included, but was not necessarily limited to, refurbishment of existing areas with paint, new base and flooring, wall coverings, new machine room-less passenger elevator, projection screen and repair and refinishing of Portland cement terrazzo flooring.

To allow the facility to remain operational during the day, construction was completed during the night hours from 6:00pm-4:30am Monday-Friday. The entire project was divided into nine phases to maintain functionality of all existing areas.

New areas of the expansion/renovation consisted of the following:
Phase 1: New Doctor’s Wing
Phase 2: Health Promotions Area
Phase 3: Renovation/Relocation of Psychiatry Area
Phase 4: Expansion/Relocation of Medical Records
Phase 5: Expansion/Relocation of Pharmacy with new retail space
Phase 6: Expansion/Relocation of new North wing of Medical Clinic
Phase 7: Renovation of existing Administration Area
Phase 8: Renovation of existing Allergy Care Area
Phase 9: Expansion/Relocation of new South wing of Medical Clinic

Green Features

LEED Certified 

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