Interior data room.

CoreSite BO1 Data Center Renovation

CoreSite BO1 Data Center Renovation | Somerville, MA

DPR completed a 14,250-sq.-ft. renovation within an active data center for CoreSite, a client who DPR continues to work with across the country. The scope of renovation work included building out the shell space for a new computer room, creating a new separate storage room, and additional renovations to an existing hallway, pre-action room and MDF room.


  • Design Team CI Design, Inc.

Project Scope

Due to specific project requirements, a specified logistical sequence was put in place to move from one end of the room to the other, most of the above ceiling work had to be completed prior to the installation of the raised access flooring system to account for the load bearing weight of the lifts needed for ceiling work. Within the computer room, careful coordination of the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection was deemed vital to fit all lines below the raised floor due to the limited space created by the raised access flooring pedestals. All work was coordinated and collaborated daily with the CoreSite team to ensure no disruptions to the 24/7 facility.

An obstacle encountered on the project was to the need to bring the new space up to specified seismic requirements. In order to meet it without impeding project progress or above ceiling coordination, seismic cable bracing components were added to the pre-engineered structural grid system in the computer room. DPR was able to self-perform different scopes of work from concrete to concrete sealer and fireproofing.

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