Confidential Client Chiller Replacement

Confidential Client Chiller Replacement | Bedford, Massachusetts

With DPR’s experience working within mission critical facilities, the team was awarded a critical infrastructure replacement project in Bedford, Massachusetts, for one of the largest global data center providers. The project consisted of removing five existing chillers and replacing them with five new 400-ton chillers, pumps and drives. Additional scopes of work included electrical infrastructure upgrades and the migration of a new control system and scheme.

Project Scope

A critical aspect to the project was to ensure that there would be no interruptions to customer operations throughout construction. All the work entailed coordination of critical shutdowns and tie-ins. DPR and the project team generated detailed Methods of Procedure (MOP’s) and coordination maps to clearly communicate all work onsite. Challenges also included working within occupied mechanical and electrical yards that had limited laydown and access. The project was completed in multiple phases so the total capacity and redundancy of N+1 was always maintained for the tier 3 active data center.