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Confidential Client Live Data Center Renovation

Confidential Client Live Data Center Renovation | Westford, MA

The data center renovation project consisted of a multi-phase project to streamline the customer’s existing data center which runs the entire East Coast. The demolition scope of work in the data center involved the removal of all existing overhead ductwork, lighting, CRAC Units, UPS’s and PDU’s while the data center was in operation. DPR also removed existing heat exchangers and condensing units on the roof.



The renovation work consisted of the installation of new dunnage steel on the roof to accept the new backup chillers. The existing gas line had to be re-routed which had to be completed prior to heating season and needed close coordination with the building. In the data center, DPR installed new in-row coolers, UPS’s, PDU’s, busways, lighting, and a new nitrogen fire suppression system. In addition to the mechanical upgrades, a new demising wall was built to separate the A & B sides of the data center, carpeting in the adjacent hallway and wire mesh cages for data center storage.

Data Hall
Data hall
Data Hall
Data hall


DPR’s self-perform work team was crucial in executing this project. They performed several scopes of work including drywall, doors/frames/hardware and painting.

“The DPR SPW Team proved to be a very valuable asset to the project supplying the labor and expertise to smoothly blend in and accomplish tasks that other trades were not responsible for. This was very beneficial to this specific project as all work was performed in a live data center.

There were several occasions where the project team flexed the schedule or focused in on a critical element of the project to ensure that we could maintain the integrity of the live environment during the complex transitions required to completely replace all elements of the Electrical and HVAC infrastructure of the Data Center. This required a lot of creative thinking and negotiation with the trade partners to carefully take incremental steps to meet the goals of the project

I have used DPR in several different locations on several different types of projects across the east coast. In all cases, I was impressed with the excellent results of the finished product.”

Senior Manager for Confidential Client

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