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Integrating Project Delivery (IPD)

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Aligning Project Collaborators for Optimal Delivery

Every project can benefit from integration; integration creates synergies that have been proven to lead to higher performing buildings and happier building users, customers and project teams. Integrating Project Delivery, a book authored by Martin Fischer, Howard Ashcraft, and DPR’s Dean Reed and Atul Khanzode, offers the first comprehensive look at the integrated project delivery (IPD) system. A Simple Framework has been developed to organize the essential steps for integration and combines the key structural, process, technology and behavior components necessary to drive the behavioral change required to achieve high-performance projects.
Integrated Project Delivery

a Simple Framework

Diagram of the integrated project delivery framework.
Integrating Project Delivery Book Cover

The book by Martin Fischer, Howard Ashcraft, Dean Reed and Atul Khanzode, details a framework and road map for producing a "building that supports its end users in performing their activities as optimally as possible."

The Book "Integrating Project Delivery"
About the Book

"Integrating Project Delivery"

The ideas and practices presented in “Integrating Project Delivery” are different than what most people think and do to design and build projects today. These different practices are needed because project teams need a strategy and a set of actions that allow them to overcome the challenges of the current “divide and conquer” approach to designing and building projects. Buildings have become more technically complex, the regulations that need to be considered more multifaceted, and the social and business expectations and pressures more intense.

This book explains a system we believe will enable people with different expertise and experience to consistently create valuable high-performance buildings. The starting point is a recognition that the architectural and building systems and components of modern facilities are interdependent and must be integrated in design and construction to perform well. The goal of the authors was to write something of value for both experienced practitioners and students of the industry and help readers understand four things:

1. What the elements of integration are.
2. How they interconnect.
3. Why they are necessary.
4. How they have been and can be put into practice.

About The Authors

The Authors

MARTIN FISCHER is a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University and serves as the director of the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE).

HOWARD ASHCRAFT is a Fellow of the American College of Construction Lawyers and the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers (hon.), a member of the AIA California Council (hon.), and an adjunct professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University.

DEAN REED is an advocate, organizer and educator for Lean and Integrated Project Delivery at DPR Construction.

ATUL KHANZODE is part of the leadership team at DPR Construction, where he assists project teams in implementing Lean Construction and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) methods.



“Integrating Project Delivery” is available for purchase through Wiley.

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