This two-floor renovation project included the construction of two complete PICU suites with 48 patient beds, support space, on-call rooms, children’s play room and a treatment room. An integrated project approach helped establish a budget $2 million less than the original goal, which allowed Children’s Medical Center to add significant scope.

Integrated Project Approach

DPR worked side-by-side with Children’s Medical Center, KLMK (the owner’s representative) and designers from HKS and CCRD throughout the preconstruction phase to provide instant feedback on constructability, schedule and cost. This collaborative approach helped to proactively keep the design within the target cost for the project and ensured the fast 14-month schedule was realistic and efficient.

The opportunity for schedule savings lay mostly in streamlining the preconstruction and design phase of the project. Working closely with CCRD partners, key subcontractors were brought on board early to assist in design and help brainstorm the most efficient sequence of construction. Overhead coordination using building information modeling (BIM) allowed an early jumpstart on prefabrication of the headwall systems, an important component in meeting the aggressive schedule.

Short-circuiting the typical process in which mockups are produced after the construction documents stage, the team created full size mock-ups of a patient room, nurses’ station, team rooms and medical rooms during the schematic drawing phase.  This enabled the owner to walk through the spaces and make critical decisions much earlier in the process. For example, moveable walls were used for a mockup of a patient room so the end-users could try walking through different layouts to ensure the exterior charting station had proper site lines and door clearances.

The project utilized a GMP contract with Integrated Project Delivery methods. DPR engaged the mechanical and electrical subcontractors early in design phase to assist with the design and 3-D drawings. This helped to minimize the overall design, coordination and construction durations.  

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