DPR partnered with HKS Architects on this design-build, 101,000-sq.-ft., four-story, 371-bed new student housing building. Located near the North campus entrance, the building is prominently situated, but sits in a dense setting with little to no lay-down area. The project includes complete demolition of the existing Webster Hall structure and a new ground up building in its place.

The new Yosemite Hall includes 371 beds in single and double rooms, bathrooms, common rooms, residence assistant apartments, lounges, recreation rooms, administrative offices, community space, community kitchen, music room, maintenance shop and laundry facilities.

The project utilized Digital Building Components to prefabricate the light gauge structural wall and floor panels off-site. This system was proposed to UC Davis by DPR in lieu of traditional wood construction, and, by using Digital Building Components, the building type was converted from Type V to Type II. This improves the occupant safety and durability of the building.

Construction of Yosemite Hall completed in Summer of 2019. It is targeting LEED Gold Certification.


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