DPR Hardin provided design-build services for this 290,000-sq.-ft., seven-story, 1,172 bed freshman student housing project. The project provided accommodations for an additional 1,168 students.  It consisted of two-bedroom, shared-bath units with related amenities, support staff, and resident staff/resident assistant apartments.

Amenities include a reception area/lobby, central and floor lounges, computer room, laundry rooms, multi-purpose classrooms, fitness areas, living-learning center with two staff offices, floor kitchenettes, and vending areas. Support spaces include housekeeping and custodial closets, mail center, storage/maintenance rooms, IT and building systems closets, trash room and chute, elevators and equipment room. Adjacent exterior spaces were designed to encourage outdoor activities featuring landscaping, seating and site lighting. Site paving creates and reinforces strong pedestrian/bicycle connections with the campus.

BIM Features

The University used the BIM model to market the units and some of the building’s amenities to incoming students.  They had a virtual tour video on their dormitory housing website that promoted the Cougar Village dorm in an effort to gain attraction from students who were in need of campus housing.  The students were able to login to a video presentation on the website that provided a tour of the dorm rooms and some of the guest areas and amenities.

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