Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel, formerly Hotel Palomar, is a 324,509-sq.-ft., 20-level, 304-room hotel with a 53,509-sq.-ft., three-level parking deck.  The hotel was one of the newest high rise additions to Midtown Atlanta, an area that continued to grow as the economy turned the corner.  With its extensive meeting space, fitness area, and night life, the hotel caters to business travelers and conference goers.  The location and exceptional quality of the building will insure long-term, high operating capacity. 

The hotel includes a terrace bar, a 4,500-sq.-ft. ballroom with high-tech multimedia and audiovisual support, 7 meeting rooms (10,612 -sq.-ft. of total meeting space), a 3,500-sq.-ft. restaurant and kitchen, and a fitness room. The hotel’s terrace bar introduced a new social locale in the area for Midtown’s elite to gather and network. Both the restaurant and the terrace bar were designed as separate entities from the hotel.  This allows these areas to function as a new gathering place for locals rather than solely for hotel guests.

The Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel was built on less then 1 acre of land in an urban environment. The close proximity of the job site to other businesses and dense traffic required the team to perform all work between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm.

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