aerial view of Four Points office campus.

Four Points Centre Corporate Office Campus

Four Points Centre Corporate Office Campus | Austin, Texas

This office park with two, three-story, 100,000-sq.-ft. office buildings and a 240,000-sq.-ft. parking garage achieved LEED Gold for New Construction certification and an Austin Green Building Program rating.

With the developer's budget and LEED credits in mind, the preconstruction team conducted cost studies of multiple office buildings, as well as the effectiveness of different parking systems. Life cycle cost analysis showed that spending more on some items, for example, the mechanical systems and glazing (upgrading to the more efficient Aircool Chillers with VFD, and Solar Band XL windows), upfront would pay off in utility cost savings in about six years. The developer's budget was reached after an extensive value engineering effort, including $2,900,000 in suggestions, none of which affected LEED certification points.



The team, which self-performed the concrete, utilized BIM software to accurately detail/build the cast-in-place concrete structures virtually and minimize construction waste. A “Tenant Manual” was created for future tenants to help guide them through the LEED for Commercial Interiors certification process. More than 92.03 percent of all construction waste was recycled, with 2,944,690 pounds of debris diverted from landfills.

The buildings are part of a 333-acre master-planned project in northwest Austin. The property includes a 182-acre habitat preserve for the golden-cheeked warbler. Construction was scheduled around the bird’s mating season when noisy work is not allowed.

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