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Intuit San Diego Campus

Intuit San Diego Campus | San Diego, California

In an effort to promote commitment to their employees and the future, Intuit Inc. pursued sustainable concepts partnered with a great place to work for their new four-building campus in San Diego. DPR's knowledge of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) process and ability to execute large projects with short schedules were the main reasons DPR was selected as the General Contractor for the 465,000 sq. ft. tenant improvement project.

The campus includes a full-service Kitchen, Servery and Dining Area, Fitness Center, Learning and Development Center, Game Room and Usability Labs. The design included 110 “neighborhoods,” which include media walls with 65” plasma screens for employee collaboration.




DPR constructed the 16 floors of tenant improvements in under 10 months, executing its scope of work concurrently with the site work and parking garage scope of work being performed by another contractor. This included early delivery of the Central Server Suite and Building Four. DPR peaked at over 300 tradesmen on this fast track project.

The DPR team implemented progressive approaches to reduce the environmental footprint of the project. Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, such as recycled carpeting and laminated bamboo paneling, were installed. The campus also utilized low-emitting adhesives, paints, and sealants as well as low-flow plumbing fixtures and energy-efficient lighting systems. Emerging off-site recycling facilities that accept drywall, lumber, metal and paper enabled DPR to divert more than 60% of the construction waste from the landfill.

DPR's Project Manager Whitney Dorn said integrating and tracking sustainable concepts and green products into the new campus was a manageable process: “It is only difficult when the entire team is not on board. When the stakeholders, including designers, subcontractors, owner, and consultants, understand and support the sustainable goals of the project, it creates a pathway for success."

With this project, Intuit reached the standard set by the U.S. Green Building Council for green buildings; the project achieved LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors.

In addition, the project expects to pay for any “premium” costs associated with LEED in less than seven years in energy and water savings. According to Dorn, this is a conservative estimate. The cost-benefit projections for electricity don't include what will most likely be large increases in energy costs in the next few years.

"In the future, I expect that every building will be designed and built similar to the process we followed at Intuit. This approach is both green and smart."

Whitney Dorn

DPR Project Manager

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