HCA’s new data center is an expandable facility, capable of meeting the healthcare provider’s immediate needs and accommodating future growth. The initial phase entailed construction of a 100,000-sq.-ft. structure with a 38,380-sq.-ft. raised floor with 12 MW systems and related utilities, 10,000-sq.-ft. office area, and warm shell space for future expansion.

DPR’s design-build partner on the project was Page/. Together the two firms had previously completed approximately $200 million in data centers in Texas.

Technical Details: The data center is outfitted with 12 MW systems and over 30,000 sq. ft. of white space with the following equipment set:

  • 1 N Utility Feed At 161 KV (by others)
  • Single-Ended 161 KV Substation Rated At 20 MVA With Provisions For Double Ending (By Others)
  • Tri-Bus 15 KV Switchgear With Auto Transfer Capability
  • Underground Medium Voltage Distribution In Tri-Bus Configuration For Critical Power
  • Overhead Low Voltage Distribution To White Space
  • Underground Medium And Low Voltage Distribution In Traditional A/B Bus Configuration For House Power And Mechanical Loads.
  • 3 Mode (Single Bus, Double Bus, And Tri-Bus) Medium Voltage N+1 Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS) Plant With 24 Hour Fuel Storage
  • 120/ 208V Remote Distribution Panels (RDP’s) And Remote Power Panels (RPP’s) For White Space Legacy Equipment

Green Features

Project achieved LEED-NC certification.


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