Laboratory space

Occupied Laboratory Facility Renovation

Confidential Pharmaceutical Customer | Occupied Laboratory Facility Renovation | Wilmington, MA

DPR was brought onboard to complete the addition of a new laboratory space at the customer’s existing facility. The scope of work included converting storage space into the new laboratory room. This involved underslab utility trenching, new mechanical, electrical, equipment platforms, and new RTU’s.



To deliver this project successfully, the team 3D laser scanned the space to understand where the roof could support the overhead coordination and the addition of seven new RTUs on the roof. These were added solely to support the new space. From the scan a model was developed that the mechanical contractor was able to utilize for coordination. In scanning and coordination of the space, the team noted that the mezzanine had to be raised up two inches to make room for everything below and above the ceiling. For coordination, weekly walks were conducted virtually due to travel restrictions during the pandemic with the architect, L2P located out of the Philadelphia area.

The team worked tirelessly with the building occupants and maintained constant communication to coordinate with the facilities and operations teams on work in their occupied space. This work included tying utilities, such as adding a new 6” pipe through their space for fire protection, and the RODI system into the new space. This required several power and HVAC system shutdowns that were all coordinated directly with the users onsite. With the team’s high level of communication and positive rapport with the customer, each one was done successfully.

Laboratory interior
Laboratory interior


The pandemic posed additional challenges on the delivery of materials. DPR worked with each of the trades to find alternate solutions to expedite manufacturing to overnight or different manufacturers with comparable products to bring the delivery times down. To ensure safety on the project during this pandemic, DPR utilized a single-entry point for personnel onsite. Prior to entering the jobsite, each personnel were required to complete a COVID pre-screening. Then a temperature check was done to complete and pass the screening. All individuals followed proper PPE protocols and operational procedures set by the CDC and DPR. In addition to the standard construction PPE requirements, such measures included wearing a mask, social distancing, conducting virtual meetings and walkthroughs, regular sanitation of high touch surfaces, and regular handwashing via a handwash station by the construction trailer.



To meet the schedule, DPR project team members brought the fire and building inspector out to the site multiple times throughout the project including twice a week for the last month with the fire inspector. This helped the team identify items that would need to be in-place before sign-off of any inspections could occur, such as the installation of racks in the new space. By fostering this relationship, a rarity for the inspectors, the team was able to achieve a passing inspection at the final walkthrough and receive certificate of occupancy for the new laboratory space.

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