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Boston University Kamenetska Lab Renovation

Boston University Kamenetska Lab Renovation | Boston, MA

The Kamenetska Lab Renovation project is an interior renovation of approximately 850 sq. ft. existing on the lower level of the Photonics Center building at 22 Babbitt Street on the Charles River Campus of Boston University. The project scope includes Level 2 Alterations (IEBC 2012) to existing Laboratory B21 to accommodate the research needs of Dr. Maria Kamenetska, an Assistant Profession of Chemistry and Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University.




Renovations included a new infill partition and door in the location of an existing cased opening, new ceiling grid and tile, new laboratory casework and fume hood, laser curtains, and architectural finishes. Modifications to the existing MEP/FP and fire alarm systems were also required including the installation of a new water source heat pump located in a new mechanical room to improve humidity control within the lab. DPR self-performed drywall, acoustical ceilings and specialties. The floor remained occupied during construction.

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