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exterior at night with lights shining from inside, Photo Credit: Lee Brauer

The College of William & Mary | West Campus Utility Plant

The College of William & Mary | West Campus Utility Plant | Williamsburg, Virginia

The West Campus Utility Plant project was a 12,000-sq.-ft., ground-up facility that restored N+1 capacity to the Swem Plant, provided heating and cooling to the William & Mary Arts Quarter, and provided replacement capacity to the West Campus stand-alone plants as they reached the end of their lifecycle. The plant—located in the center of a dense, active campus and in an area of architectural prominence—was designed to put the boilers, chillers, and associated piping and equipment on display.

Project Details

The project also included a significant amount of underground utility piping and infrastructure improvements around campus. It included the installation of more than 5,000-ft. of underground heating hot water and chilled water to create a secondary underground piping loop which tied into six existing buildings. All of this work was phased in order to maintain normal campus operations and minimize the impact to the student body. The project was completed with Zero Defects.

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