This project entailed construction of Citibank's new Corporate Campus in Tampa's Sabal Park Office Development.  This facility was to serve as Citibank's regional data processing and communications hub.  The facility incorporated much of the industry's latest technology at time of construction. 

The 588,000-sq.-ft. campus is comprised of four 130,000-sq.-ft., three-story, office buildings and a 138,000-sq.-ft. amenities building.  DPR Hardin also constructed two 1,490-space parking decks to support the office and amenities buildings.

The campus was designed to accommodate nearly 2,500 employees and features amenities such as dining services, a fitness center, child care facilities, an ATM/ branch bank, and personal service shops such as newsstands, a drug store, a dry cleaner, hair dresser and a shoe repair shop.
The low-rise campus is surrounded by lush landscaped berms with outdoor plazas, fountains and waterfalls to provide a secluded, tranquil environment.  Each building is interconnected by enclosed walkways to ensure personnel comfort and building security as well as provide a homogenous atmosphere among the individual buildings and associated staff.

The project was delivered within an accelerated 14-month schedule.

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