Digital Realty 1500 Space Park Data Center

Digital Realty 1500 Space Park Data Center | Santa Clara, California

Strategically located on major fiber routes and between two sub-stations of the cost effective power grids of Santa Clara, known locally as "Datacenter Row," this site is uniquely positioned to satisfy the extensive power and data network criteria of the most sophisticated corporate data center requirements.

Project Scope

The project consisted of a build-out of an existing two-story facility that was extensively upgraded for data center use. Scope included 32,139-sq.-ft. of raised floor with 110 watts/sq.-ft. on the first floor, 174 watts/sq.-ft. on the second floor and 4,952dW of critical power. Cooling system is eight 55,000 cfm roof-mounted Climate Craft air handlers and 44 Leibert CRAHs. The air handler cooling coils are provided chilled water by four 500-ton Trane centrifugal chillers. UPS system is comprised of eight 50kVA modules and eight 626kVA modules. Mechanical cooling is water cooled chilled water with CRAH units and Packaged Air Handlers which include outside air economization to provide for excellent energy efficiency.

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