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Digital Realty Wilhelm Fay Strasse, Building 3

Digital Realty Wilhelm Fay Strasse, Building 3 | Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Digital Realty Wilhelm Fay Strasse, Building 3 project marks the third building on Digital Realty’s Sossenheim campus. Identical to the first two buildings on the campus, this is a ground-up, three-story data center that will add six new data halls totaling 9MW of power for the colocation company. The ancillary space includes dedicated offices, de-box rooms, test rooms, and dedicated plant areas.

Knowledge Transfer

DPR had the advantage of having built Building 2 (FRA12), the previous data center on this campus for Digital Realty. Transferring knowledge of the expectations, trade partners’ practices and local conditions from FRA12 to Building 3 (FRA13) were critical to delivering a successful project. Core members of the project and trade partner teams who were closing out FRA12 were pulled into the planning for FRA13 to share lessons learned and insights at an early stage. This meant a more reliable plan and greater predictability for the execution of FRA13. As a result of this collective, shared knowledge, the DPR team was able to improve quality, planning and trade partner efficiency.

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