Digital Realty 250 Williams Street

Digital Realty 250 Williams Street | Atlanta, GA

This project included the build-out of approximately 19,000-sq.-ft. of data hall space and supporting infrastructure within Digital Realty's existing 250 Williams St. building.

Project Scope

Electrically, the data hall is supported by 1,600 kW of UPS at N+1 with rooftop mounted emergency generators, load banks, and medium voltage distribution from the existing building vault. For cooling, the space relies on computer room air handling units (CRAHs) located in a central gallery, served by a chilled water system connected to rooftop mounted air cooled chillers.

All of the rooftop equipment is mounted on a new structural steel platform designed to tie into the existing concrete columns on the roof level. Installation of the rooftop steel and equipment required significant planning and coordination with the City of Atlanta to facilitate street closures and weekend work.

In addition, this fit-out is located on an upper floor of the building, situated directly above a competing data center provider’s operational space. This required close communication with that provider, including the installation of some work above their ceiling space.

data center hall
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