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Digital Realty 1201 Comstock Data Center

Digital Realty 1201 Comstock Data Center | Santa Clara, California

This 198 watt/sq.-ft. data center was delivered one week early—completed in just 26 weeks through level 5 commissioning—and with Zero Defects. Scope of work included 24,000-sq.-ft. demolition of the existing roof and floor slab and subsequent buildout of the mission critical facility, two electrical rooms, three generator sets, UPS, main switchboard and 14,000-sq.-ft of 30-inch raised floor, conference room, security room, building office, new restrooms, office space, staging and parts. Critical load of 2.4MW and cooling system involves eight self-contained 120-ton roof-mounted air handlers for the data center space. 1201 Comstock was designed to the very strict 2008 California Building Code, and the structure was upgraded to an importance factor of 1.5. This DLR property is designed to withstand a seismic event functionally.

The site was turned over to the client on January 9, 2009 with a PUE Measurement of 1.36 at 100 percent IT Load. The project was completed under budget.