Safety, Quality and Productivity: A Holistic Approach

by Rodney Spencley

Safety. Quality. Productivity. While some may see these as separate modes of thinking, they really are—and should always be—integrated.

Safety, quality and productivity are three aspects of one holistic approach to building, which benefits the flow of a project.

In a holistic approach, you remove the silos. You don’t just think of safety or quality or productivity as separate values or reactionary, corrective measures only taken on by different groups of people that are not usually connected. On the contrary, in the holistic approach, the entire team adopts a mindset that combines all three of these values—with engagement at all levels—from the very beginning all the way through the end of the project.

Safety should be the primary filter integrated into everything. When project teams execute the holistic approach correctly, properly and safely, they consistently meet or beat their schedules with less rework in the field.

Watch this video to learn more about DPR’s safety philosophy, and how we promote and nurture an Injury-Free Environment (IFE):

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